One or 1k

I have an inner battle that I keep inside and don’t share with others…until now. I have a tendency to compare myself to others; I compare my talents, gifts and ways of reaching out to others to the way Jim or Mary might do it. I also compare my numbers – “Likes” “Followers” to John Brown or Jane’s numbers. The bad thing about comparison is it either makes one proud or a harsh self critic. My sister always tells me it doesn’t matter if I reach a lot of people… I just need that one person. That one person who will listen and feel something because of what i’ve written or done. Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church always talks about when he first started preaching…he had about 20 people, and he spoke to them with the same passion and love as he does now with campuses throughout USA. As long as we don’t forget why we do what we do which is to help others, we will be able to help others eventually. I need not think about the numbers because that’s not the most important thing…the important thing is encouraging and helping others. Another thing, we’re all unique, which means we have different talents, gifts and ways of reaching out to others. John might do it one way because he has a different personality/talent/gift than I do. That doesn’t mean the way you and I help isn’t important…our way might be the only way someone in need might respond and say “You’ve helped me”. We’re all God’s hands, feet and eyes on Earth and the Body of Christ…I might be the hand and someone else the feet….the body CANNOT work without each, so we shouldn’t feel less important or make others feel less important because our way or their way of reaching out isn’t “Popular”. Be you…because everyone else is taken and love others the way YOU know how to….it’ll mean more to the person if you’re being true.
God Bless 💕✌️


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