Source of the Pain

As i’m heading to bed I decided to pray and ask God for help in something. For some reason I started feeling sad tonight and I couldn’t tell why…I wasn’t sure what brought about this sadness, so I asked God. I didn’t get an instant response so I picked up my phone and was about to go on Facebook, it was as if God said “Right there! That’s the source of your sadness”. I get so preoccupied with Social Networks nowadays, and I’m faced with things on it that I can’t necessarily control…it just jumps out at me and then I either get sad or happy depending on what i’ve seen, without even realizing when it has happened. Me visiting Social Networks is like a lot of other things…it can be a good thing until its abused. We have to be careful of what we feed our body with…not just food, but things we look at and what we listen to; whether it be gossip, music, TV shows or a Facebook post. We can’t control everything we’re faced with, but we can limit the source’s ability to reach out to us and attack before we even know it. I’ve had to take breaks from Social Networks before, and it’s helped me, recently I tried it again…I lasted for about two days, if that much. So, I guess I gotta try again 😩. My phone is gonna be quite boring without these apps to occupy my time…so lets see how this goes!


God Bless 💕✌️


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