My Jesus Loves Us All

I woke up this morning and before leaving my house for work I decided to check Facebook, as I do at times and I realized that the US Supreme Court voted and decided on Equal Marriage in all 50 states of America, being a Christian I felt pain and I even wondered if i’m on the right side of the spectrum…seeing as though the non-Christians seem to be winning. I chose not to make any statement/comment about this new decision since I was still having mixed feelings and I didn’t feel like starting a Social Network war under a post/comment.God is an amazing God though…whether you believe in him or not, he will give you insights or answer prayers you didn’t even pray about, he showed me that this decision isn’t a surprise to him, he expected it and I shouldn’t allow it to shake my faith in him or where I fit in this world as a Christian. God created us all to have free will; being free, we are allowed to do as we please, but not without consequences. God loves us all…whether we do what he asks of us or not, he may not like our decisions and way of life, but that doesn’t mean he hates us. God doesn’t hate ANYONE, he has nothing hateful about him, that’s why it hurts me to my very core when “Christians” claim “God hates Fags”…um no, he DOES NOT…and “Fag” isn’t a word in his vocabulary….he doesn’t like the act of Homosexuality because he didn’t create us to live that way, but nowhere in the bible does it state that our Creator hates Homosexuals. As Christians during our time on earth we have to be careful with the words we say and our actions because it can either lift someone up or tear them down. Someone being Gay and living their life the way they want to shouldn’t affect the way you choose to live, live for you and help others whenever it’s needed instead of spreading hate, especially if you’re representing God, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, condemning one sin while living in another isn’t God’s plan for us either. I, myself struggle with Same-Sex Attraction and would love to fully rejoice/celebrate with this history that has been made today but I’m torn, I’m happy these individuals who were once living in sadness can embrace the love/freedom/”acceptance” they desperately searched for, and I’m also worried,worried they’re diving into something dangerous and hard to come back from . *I used quotations for acceptance because I know Equality in Marriage doesn’t really mean acceptance by everyone and everywhere in America*. I am at peace in knowing Same Sex Marriage/Intimacy isn’t for me and it took a while to get here, not everyone gets to where I am and so they stop trying to fight it, they embrace the attraction for what it is and so they go on living that way, I got mad love for you all because I know it’s hard, no one chooses to be gay, no one wakes up and say “Oh I think imma be Gay today”. God also reminded me that He is in control and he will save who he has called and who wishes to be saved, so this decision isn’t the end of the world, the rapture isn’t about to take place this minute simply because Gay Marriage is legal Nationwide. If you’re a Christian, please don’t spread any hate, think twice and sometimes 10x before you say things, remember God is love, if we’re his hands,feet and light in a dark world…and we have to remember that when we’re tempted to act on raw emotions. I wish you guys all the best and I’m one Christian…amongst many who will love you regardless of your Sexual Orientation, because I was taught by the best teacher “Jesus” to Love and I will try my very best to do that and more.

God Bless ✌️💕
#CrossEqualsLove #GodIsLove 


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