My First Love


I decided to write this post for my First TRUE Love – my Maker and Creator, my Knight in Shining Armor, My Hero and Redeemer – the one who loves me unconditionally, My Heavenly Father, Savior, King and Lord – God!

Through some deep digging, God’s guidance and protection I recently realized some hurts and pains I had stuffed away in a dark closet. Like everyone else I’ve wanted to feel loved and wanted, preferably everywhere I go, but life doesn’t always go the way you want it to. So I’ve realized that in my past I’ve never felt loved, wanted, chosen – or even anyone’s Valentine; but this year I was asked to be someone’s Valentine, not just any someone but GOD! Before this year I couldn’t even remember what date Valentine’s Day was on, why would I? I had no one to celebrate it with, but this year I was celebrating it with my Creator. Since finding out that he wants to be my Valentine I’ve asked him how he wants us to spend the day and being who he is, he said he just wants me to be in his presence. God doesn’t want me to do this extravagant thing to display my love for him, he just longs for ME, he wants to be with me and so that’s what we did. He told me that when he sees me he sees beauty and he is amazed by me. I forgot how he feels about me for a few days now, I sunk into depression – listening to the enemy’s lies and taking them for God’s truth. I grew tired of fighting and through talking to a friend and somewhat joking – I thought why dont I just ask God to fight for me, hes already won and I dont have the strength to fight every single battle I face. He loves to fight for me, hes already won and so I will too. So I did that! Today God led me in a quiet time with him and he had me write out who HE is.

“You are my strength, you God are my fortress, my God on whom I can rely. You are my refuge in times of trouble. With you I am victorious and more than a conqueror. You are my strong tower. You are my rock, I will not be shaken. My hope comes from you. You are my help, your right hand upholds me. My protector. My provider. My healer. My redeemer. My joy. My peace. My encourager. My Savior. The giver of life. My anchor. My lighthouse. My cloud by day and shining star by night. My lifeline. My silver lining. My Father. My defender. My leader. My friend. You are all mighty. You are powerful. You are compassionate. You are slow to anger. You are rich in love. You are gracious. You are faithful. You are trustworthy. You are righteous. My deliverer. Multiplier. My diary. My ever present confidant. My guide. My advisor. My Pursuer. My stronghold. My shield. My Shepard. My helper. My maker. My creator. My Ezer Kenegdo. My sun & shield. You are good. My teacher. My comforter. My sustainer. You are Holy. You are all-knowing. You are true. My constant companion. My rescuer. My journey planner. The one I need. My heart. My dwelling place. My deliverer. The perfect Shepard. My love. My beloved.”

 “So won’t you take my voice, take my hands and feet, Father use this heart for whatever you need. Cause you will always be my first love.”


Your Beloved πŸ’™πŸ’œβ€οΈ

Jamie Grace – To Love You Back Lyric Video

Jamie Grace – My First Love Lyric Video




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