Chains of Injustice 

I didn’t view myself as one to fight for justice/freedom, I am a fighter though – even since I was a little girl. I remember attending Hillsong Church London and while I was there my favorite speaker who at the time was just a stranger to me, spoke about Human Trafficking – a crime I had no idea existed. I mean, the 21st century and people are still being treated as slaves. This speaker was, Christine Caine, Founder of The A21 Campaign. I guess because I’m a black person from the Caribbean with a history of Slavery in my veins and because I have a heart why this affected me to the core and since then I knew I needed to join the fight to end injustice. At that time, it was injustice against people who are being trafficked. God is birthing a new passion in me and he started it since Trayvon Martin was killed and his killer walked free. This past week only made me more aware of this passion and it allows me to write about it. Martin Luther King Jr. said “Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.” I remember after all those killings of un-harmed black men and women became headline news 2-3 years ago, I grew angry towards people who wouldn’t speak up about it, sure they should’ve said something, but I was affected by those death more than those silent viewers. I was affected in that way, because God gave it to me as a passion, that pain, hurt and sadness each time someone was killed when it wasn’t needed or necessary was all about that passion within me. My love for my black brothers and sisters grew to an all time high because I felt the pain when a loved one died for everyone to see. My love grew when I thought about the hell the victims of human trafficking go through before someone speaks up and says I will do something! I will no longer stand by the sidelines and watch a child/adult, male/female, Christian/atheist, gay/straight is harmed or killed because of senseless reasons. My way of speaking up might not look like the rest…I might just be sitting and writing from the comfort of my own home, while someone is living in the worst possible conditions known to man, but I’m doing what I can – I’m speaking the truth, I’m using my voice and speaking out against injustice and sometimes that’s all someone needs. They need to know they are seen, heard, listened to and cared for. You will one day be rescued, you’re abusers/”protectors” won’t always seem to be winning. Someone will come and they will rescue you. God will come, he will show up and one day we will all be free. 

Last year I walked with A21 Campaign in Downtown Disney to bring awareness to Human Trafficking, this year they’re having it again in October. You can sign up at a walk near you/create your own walk – whichever you choose. Sign up at Walk For Freedom A21. Check out Black Lives Matter, don’t believe what the media says about this movement  and remember – Martin Luther King Jr. marched too. The time to stand up to injustice is now! Please don’t stand by the sidelines anymore, our brothers and sisters need us. It’s time to break those chains and set the captives free. Slaves no more! 

God is love!  ✌🏾️❤️


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