He is refining!

He is refining in his timing, he’s making diamonds out of us.” – Hawk Nelson ❤️

This past Thursday I taught my very 1st lesson at Celebrate Recovery at Rocky Peak and it went great. I had no idea it went great while I was doing it, until the end when numerous people approached me to say thanks and how great it was. During my open share group, a leader explained what the celebratory chips were all about and how to mark a victory and all that. I thought about this and the fact that I haven’t really been working on anything new or I haven’t been calculating the days I’ve been free from something. I asked God what it is that I can/should be working on and fears came to mind. At the Celebrate Recovery Leadership Summit, I nailed my fears to the cross and so God is now working on those in me. His way of doing it, is for me to do at least one thing per day that I’m afraid to do or I think I can’t do. What was my first thought in tackling my fears? I’m afraid – I can’t do it. God showed me on Friday that I’ve actually been doing them already and I just wasn’t aware of it. I fought through my fears by teaching in front of a group of people, through fear and trembling, but I did it. I faced my fears by looking up jobs online and saving the ones I thought I wouldn’t get/couldn’t do couple days earlier and I opened up to people about this attraction I have that seems to be hard to get away from and the ungodly/unpure ways I’ve been entertaining the thoughts. I’ve been pushing through my fears already and so it means I can continue and celebrate those moments when I say yes even when my knees and mind says no. God is redefining who I think I am, and he’s changing me into the true person I am, the person I can’t yet see but he sees me, he knows me – the true me. 

Natalie Grant – Clean



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