The Birth of a New Nation

After reading just one chapter of  A Call to Conscience: The Landmark Speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I realized what’s missing from a movement like Black Lives Matter, is Christian belief and Christian leaders. The Christians and Church in general have gone silent to racism and injustice so those who aren’t Christians are left fighting this fight that can’t be won without God. This fight didn’t just start today when a cop shot and killed someone who may or may not have truly threatened him/her, it’s been here for years now and that’s what Blacks and people who are willing to admit it are fighting for – equality, justice and freedom for all, including blacks. Blacks don’t have that, we have a black president, we can vote, we might get a job with a suit and tie but we’re still not treated the same and it seems like only a few people realize that or are willing to admit it. We don’t need another “Martin”, another “Rosa Parks”, “Moses”, “Harriet”, “Marcus Garvey” “Nelson”  or even “Malcolm”…what we need to get to Canaan’s Freedom Land is another faithful servant who will say to God “Here I am, send me”. All those people I listed brought us somewhere, now we need someone here and now to take us a little further, to plant another seed or do some more watering. Last night I made a tweet about wanting to wear a Black Lives Matter tshirt to church or CR and being sad that this statement is so controversial, I shouldn’t be sad that a tshirt like that is controversial, I think the real sadness lies in the fact that church isn’t a place to confront and talk about issues like this. I can talk one on one with people I trust in my church but can I stand from a stage or walk in with a tshirt that states I’m black and I want to be equal to my white counterparts? I don’t know if I can.  I’m afraid I can’t and that makes me sad because I’m a member of the body of Christ but when I can’t openly talk about things like that or I don’t hear Christians saying what can “I do” more often it makes me sad – I don’t know how else I can put it but that it makes me sad. Black Lives Matter movement shouldn’t be a movement just for blacks/just for non-Christians it really should be flooding with Christ Followers who stands for things MLK stood for. A movement like BLM should be led by Christians because what we’re trying to achieve is what God himself wants, he wants us to love our brother and sisters and for us to treat everyone as equals – poor, rich, white/black we’re all one people. It’s missing the main equation – God’s leadership. God’s people have taken a back seat to issues like this and so those who are suffering can no longer sit and wait around for a Christian to say enough is enough, they’re doing it on their own and for that I salute them. We get to a point where we get tired of being treated like nothing and we’re fighting back. Not saying Christians aren’t a part of BLM, they are, we just need MORE! 

God seemed silent for awhile but I believe he’s rising and he wants us to rise with him – he wants our heart to break for what breaks his. 



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