Gratitude List

It’s Thanksgiving season again, it should be all year round where I’m thankful but unfortunately, I’m not. Since it’s the season to be thankful and because I still have that CR Lesson : Gratitude on my mind, I thought I’d list some things I’m thankful for.

  • My Same-Sex Attraction Support Group and everyone in it
  • My nieces and nephews
  • My siblings; no favs but kinda favs my younger sister, in particular, we’ve been through some pretty tough times and instead of it ruining us as individuals and as siblings it’s brought us closer each time
  • The day I listened to God and took a break from TV, Social Media, and secular music – I felt like I was being punished, I felt weak and pathetic during that time because he showed me there are shows I shouldn’t be watching and now those things have lost their flavor
  • Attending the Living Waters Leadership Training this year – through this training I was able to open some areas that were once closed off to God and he’s been working, I also made a lot of new people and friends I still talk to today.
  • Sharing my testimony at CR earlier in the year, doing that did a lot of things in, through and for me but through that I finally saw CR as my home and my family.
  • A home to live in, food to eat, clothes to wear
  • Heater and AC to fix the temperature inside in spite of what’s going on outside
  • Having a phone and other electronic devices that I normally take for granted
  • I’m thankful that I’m surrounded by family that loves me, that will pray, laugh and cry with me
  • Parents that love me, I’m no longer a child or living with them but they still try their best to support me financially
  • I have amazing friends that wanna hang out with me even when I’m penniless and they’ll pay for us to hang out without me even asking – they’ll demand to pay
  • I’m thankful for my prayer team, they willingly pray for me and the vision God has for me simply because they love me
  • I’m thankful that my sister encouraged me to start up this blog, because of her I have this platform to share my heart with strangers and friends alike
  • I didn’t see it as something to be grateful for but I’m thankful God gave me this time to rest and to be at home with my knee injury
  • I’m grateful for my friend who gave me the opportunity to write for her photography blog, I’m thankful that she believed in me when I didn’t even know I had a gift of writing
  • I love the moments I get to spend with my nieces and nephews, no matter how small it might seem – I’m glad I get to see them grow up and to be a part of it
  • My mentors and sponsor – they encourage me to keep going when I want to give or don’t know where to go
  • I’m grateful for my church, our amazing worship team, and pastors
  • My host team @ church, I love that we get to greet people as they walk on campus and we get to meet first timers
  • I’m thankful that Beauty and The Beast will be here in a few months and that Hermoine aka Emma Watson is playing Belle πŸ’•πŸŒŸ
  • My neighbor who graciously opens his house to us, I was able to swim during the summer which helped me relax and it helped me knee + to relax in his jacuzzi during the nights – many thanks to him for sure
  • My first writing job I had last month; it’ll open more doors for me to get other wiring jobs
  • The pain and sorrow I feel since CG died, it shows how much I love him and that I truly let him into my heart, if I didn’t, the pain wouldn’t be so severe
  • This grieving process, I’m letting a lot out and I know God is doing some cleaning and adjusting in me through it
  • Working at my last caregiver job, I’m happy I was able to do life with that couple and that I got to know both of them before his passing, I’m glad we all shared our love for each other
  • I’m thankful for my beauty and the beast doll set that I bought this year; first time buying a doll
  • I’m thankful for my weaknesses, brokenness, and vulnerabilities
  • I’m thankful for my CR forever family
  • I’m thankful for all the women in my step study
  • I’m thankful for the birds outside my room window that sings to me in the mornings
  • Thankful for the morning and evening sky
  • Thankful for the beautiful ocean that I don’t visit enough
  • Thankful for nature and parks I can go to
  • Thankful for books that I own and books I am yet to buy
  • Thankful for the person God made me to be and how far I’ve come
  • Thankful for sobriety
  • Thankful for the dream/plan/vision God has for me
  • Grateful to God that I’m black
  • Grateful to God that I was born and raised in Jamaica, there’s no betta Island or Country – tank God mi bawn dey
  • Thank you, God for the rich heritage and legacy I have by being black – we are a strong group of people and I thank you for that
  • Thank you that I have this life and new found opportunity in the US
  • Pretty hard for me to say thanks but I give thanks that I’m a woman, I’m a woman for a reason and for that I’m thankful
  • Thank you for the parents you’ve given me
  • Thank you for the many gifts and talents you’ve given me, some I don’t know at the moment but one in particular – my gift of writing, I owe it all to you God
  • Thank you that I’m an introvert and a feeler, I put that there because I’m not always thankful for it πŸ™‚
  • Thankful that I’ll be spending thanksgiving with my Jamaican people which means great food and patois!
  • Thank you that I’m a reader, music and movie lover
  • Thankful that I won’t go to bed hungry tonight and tomorrow I’ll have food on the table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner + leftover thanksgiving food


Thank you for life and all that it has to offer Lord.



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