I am 29!!!! πŸ’•πŸŒŸπŸ˜Ž

The enemy is trying to steal my joy and I will not allow it today, not on my birthday. I’m going to be grateful instead.

  • I’m alive, another day I’m alive 
  • I’ve lived to see another year
  • I’m 29, I’ve been alive for 29 YEARS 
  • I’m grateful for the birds outside my bedroom that sing every morning as I wake up 
  • I’m grateful for the sweet smell of the rain
  • I’m grateful for the sound of the rain as it beats down on the ground
  • I’m grateful for the wind and the way the trees flow from side to side
  • I’m grateful for the birds that fly way up and free as can be – dipping down low and then back up again
  • I’m grateful for my parents, the way they always sing Happy Birthday to me even when I’m far away, I’m grateful for the duet they sent me this morning 😊
  • I’m grateful for the love daddy shows me now, it’s not easy for him and so I know I mean a lot to him when he says ‘you’re special to me and I’m glad you were born’
  • God loves me, I’m special to him and he cares about every detail of my life
  • Thankful for all the texts and happy birthday songs I received today from friends and family 
  • My nephew sang me happy birthday today, I think he did it to annoy me but I know his reasoning comes from a place of love so I loved it 
  • I’m happy I’ll get to spend my birthday with my home family and my CR family tonight for our Christmas Dinner 
  • I’m glad God wants to spend time with me
  • I’m grateful for my step study and every person in it
  • I’m thankful that God didn’t give up on me but he kept coming back until I said yes to him and leading the step study 
  • Im grateful for my sister and the relationship we now have, growing up we weren’t close 
  • I’m grateful for more freedom, healing, peace, heart and wound mending that God’s doing in and for me right now 
  • I have a sponsor who wouldn’t give up on me when I wanted to give up on her, myself and freedom so I’m thankful for her
  • I have a place that I call home here in the US and Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡² 
  • I have a bed to lay in and duvets to keep me warm at night 
  • I have warm water to take a shower with
  • I have food to eat and water to drink
  • I can walk across the street and buy whatever I want 
  • I have friends and a family that loves me
  • I have a table in my room filled with cards and flowers from people who love and care about me
  • I have a pretty shiny Christmas tree in my room that I turn on and it lights up my room in the best way 
  • I have a beauty and the beast doll set that’s by my bed and I feel joy whenever I look at it because I remember that day I bought it and how God encouraged me to get it
  • I am beyond loved by the women in my step study and that still shocks me 
  • I have a house filled with my nieces and nephews, I’m gonna choose to spend this special day with them 

Thank you God for loving me today and always, thank you that I’m 29…I didn’t enjoy saying that until yesterday when I realized I was grumbling against you for keeping me alive. I’m alive and I thank you God that I’m alive!!! 



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