Conquering the Giants 

From my devotional today – How has Satan attempted to work his way into your heart and your thinking? How does this affect your view of your circumstances? 
I’ve been realizing that whenever I get to a place of victory my mind immediately goes to the next thing I need to do to “be better”. I listen to and for awhile I tend to believe the lies that I’m not good enough and I won’t make it. That’s how the enemy gets into my heart and thinking. When I listen to the lies and look at my circumstances through the lens of lies and fears – my circumstances seem like a giant and as if I’ll never get over these hurdles or mountains. Today I went on a hike and since my knee injury last year I haven’t been able to do that, I tackled and conquered not only a 6.4 mile hike but also my fear of heights, fears that after today I’m sensing is disappearing. I finished the hike and soon as I was heading down hill my mind wandered to all the things I need to do once I get to the bottom of this mountain; I need a bath/shower cuz I’m wet and smelly and I hate being wet and smelly, I need to do my chores at home, I need to fill out these forms for college…I need I need I need. God guided me in speaking truths over myself and to reject the lies and embrace the truth; that he is with me and I should be proud of accomplishing what I’ve done. There’s so much I can put in this of what God showed me but the main thing I got from my devotional is that Jesus is my giant slayer, he’s slaying these giants in my life one by one and he’s gonna continue to help me to slay even more. I can be healthy in many ways and I don’t have to dwell on the lies that I can’t or won’t make it. 
Devotional : Goliath Must Fall 


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