He who promised is Faithful

“Bear your cross as you wait for the crown. Tell the world of the treasure you’ve found”  Elevation Worship – Oh Come to the Altar 

It’s hard at times to trust or believe the promises God has spoken to us will actually play itself out and come to life. We sit and wait, expecting it to happen now or this way and it doesn’t. Instead of the promises being bright and evident; we face pain, heartache, battles and everything that does not feel good. We start to question did I really hear from God? Maybe that was just my wishful thinking and I’ll never get that which he promised, whatever “that” might be. He promises he’ll never leave us, sometimes he feels far away but he does promise that he’ll be with us. We might have fathers who promised they’ll show up, they’ll be around, they’ll give you a gift you’ve always wanted but they didn’t and now we at times think God is the same. He’ll say “this” will happen but he doesn’t really mean it, who am I to deserve love, happiness, healing, marriage, Ministry, kids etc. I am a child of God, you are a child of God and thankfully God isn’t like man, he can’t change and neither does his word/promises. Not every promise goes for everyone, someone might be promised kids while another isn’t – we are special, unique and so are our promises. God’s promises to us takes time, not because he’s holding out on us as we sometimes think, but he ultimately wants us to seek HIM first, he wants us to pursue him even more than we seek the promises he’s given us. He wants me to seek him more than I seek healing from same sex attraction, trying to fight the urges or  figure out what I can do so I’m not attracted to a girl won’t lead me to healing, it’ll help for awhile but then I get worn out. Seeking God above the urges, desires and wants is what will lead me to the promise of healing and restoration. Sometimes I forget that, sometimes I get so caught up in trying to get healed that I forget God is the healer and not a book or my strength. He says in his word that he came to give us life and life abundantly, to make me completely well and I can only get that from him. Bearing one’s cross to get to that promise and crown isn’t easy; its excruciating, embarrassing at times, not to mention tiring. Jesus had to do that to get his crown, he had to walk with his cross and say yes to God, he had to die to himself so God could bring about his promise for us. Just because it’s painful and you can’t see it taking place in your life, doesn’t mean God isn’t working behind the scenes to bring about that promise he made to you. Trust that he’s cooking up something huge and it’ll take time because it’s so big, if he were to give it to us now it wouldn’t mean that much or it wouldn’t be all that he wants it to be. He’s promised me several things and I feel as though this year is my season of waiting, I hate waiting but I know it’s best to wait than to rush ahead and try to grab that promise on my own. Who am I to know all that God has in store? He’s told me a bit because I’m his child but I don’t know everything, I’m glad I don’t know everything – I only know some of the “whats” and that God’s the one in control, I don’t know the when or the how or even who will be involved to partner with me as we partner with Christ. All I know is that God is in control, once he’s made us a promise, trust that he will come through because his word never crumbles or falls away – it stands the test of time. Trust him with the promises and wait as he works all things out for our good and his glory and be amazed at what he does when that day comes and his promise is fulfilled. 

Elevation Worship – Promises

Bethel Music – Take Courage


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